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Fishing in the Turks and Caicos

June 7, 2021 By admin

Fishing in the Turks and Caicos can be a lot of fun. You can fish for Saltwater Fish like Marlin, Sailfish, Flounder, Tuna, Tunahedge, and other species. Many chartering companies have charter fishing boats that will allow you to fish in the Turks and Caicos. In the past, many of these fishing charters would operate […]

Buy Condos, Saving Money on Monthly Charges

April 23, 2021 By admin

The Toronto real estate market continues to heat up and people from all over the country are buying houses and condominiums as investments. With all of this buying, selling, and renting condos, it’s important to find a reliable source for your investment needs. With so many options out there today, it’s easy to get confused […]

Pretend Music School

October 26, 2019 By admin

This latest post by percussionist Ivan Trevino is making quite a splash among musicians. He sets out some strong ideas for change in the way that music schools are educating their students. Asking for change is never easy, but just about everything on Ivan’s list has to do with a musician’s ability to be employed […]

Does ‘Whiplash’ get jazz right?

October 26, 2019 By admin

The film is getting rave reviews. You can read this write-up from Entertainment Weekly here, and check out what The New Yorker has to say. But those are all reviews from film critics. We want to hear what you, the musicians, think. Do you agree with this portrayal of a young musician’s struggle? Do you agree with this […]

Urgently looking for Trumpet and Sax Players

October 26, 2019 By admin

We need lead trumpet players as well as sax players who can double on flute and clarinet for gigs in the orchestras on cruise ships. If you sight-read, improvise and are ready to travel, contact us via email to set up your audition. – See more at:

Calling all Pianists and Trumpet Players

October 26, 2019 By admin

There are still a number of openings for orchestra pianists and orchestra trumpet players to be had in December 2015. For these positions, you have to possess strong sight-reading skills, be able to improvise and be comfortable performing in many different styles. – See more at: