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Colinet Newfoundland  is at the tip of the northwest arm  of St. Mary’s Bay on the Avalon Peninsula of the Island of Newfoundland.  The Colinet River is an excellent place for trout and salmon fishing.  The Rocky River is also excellent for fishing.  Please check the Newfoundland Fishery Regulations.  The nearby town of Admiral’s Beach is part of a very scenic and easy drive around St. Mary’s Bay.    Very Old Photographs of Colinet Newfoundland and the Avalon Peninsula are also available.Newfoundland tourism, and traffic to your business can be increased by the use of Email Post Cards to promote your business without the use of a web site and without the cost of web design.  Internet marketing and advertising by using panorama virtual tours means your web site will have more interest for visitors .  It’s about using internet marketing and advertising with virtual tours to drive business to your site. This will not only increase your business, it can also increase tourism in your town and Newfoundland tourism in general.  Internet marketing and advertising using web design with panoramic virtual tours, attracts customers to your web site.  Please call us for help with virtual tours, web design using virtual tours, and internet marketing and advertising.