Newfoundland Weather

As most Newfoundland locals know, the weather is this massive Canadian island off the northeast coast of North America is mostly pleasant year round. Still, any talk of Newfoundland weather prompts images of snow, ice and cold. For instance, when Leif Eriksson visited this region in the 11th century he called it “Vinland” because it reminded him of his native Iceland where the winters do present a challenge but the weather is fairly pleasant.

According to statistics from the recent Canada National Census, weather in the various provinces is “not an issue” for Canadians because “you can go anywhere in Canada and find good weather.” The view that Newfoundland weather is “challenging at times,” is also met with a positive attitude by both the indigenous people on the island and others who settled here during the region’s 500 year history of being a popular place to live for French, Spanish, English and Portuguese fishermen.

In general, the official Newfoundland Labrador government website paints this province as having “all four seasons,” with plenty of sun and lovely warm days during the summer months, and sunny and bright days during the autumn and spring seasons. However, the winters up north in Newfoundland can be very dark and cold during the months of December and January, say locals commenting online. For example, the locals up in Newfoundland enjoy talking about the local weather conditions because “it can be very mild and surprisingly warm or somewhat rainy and unpredictable,” added a St. John’s Newfoundland local.

Newfoundland climate an attraction

The land mass of Newfoundland is impressively massive, with more than 30,000 kilometres of coastline that allows for a “temperate marine climate,” states a government website. In addition, there are few extreme temperatures with average Newfoundland climate being around 32F. Again, the consensus is the Newfoundland summer days are mostly warm, sunny and pleasant. However, the winter climate in northern regions of Newfoundland and Labrador tend to be harsh and cold during the winters. The result is most locals and visitors to Newfoundland wear “layers” of clothing to keep them comfortable during the winter months.

Overall, the view from both locals and visitors to Newfoundland is great weather tends to arrive in March and continue through October. Also, the general weather conditions during the period from October through February tend to be a big colder with breezes off the Atlantic Ocean keeping the region cool but nice.